How is it Made?

I recently participated in a Makers’ Exchange. The friend of a loved one - who has access to woodworking tools in a maker space - was looking for a jewelry gift. Knowing their gift recipient adores her dog I suggested a personalized, silver dog necklace.  We agreed to a trade - Me: one custom silver necklace and Them: one wooden pour-over coffee stand. (See photos on Indyspire Art’s social media.) Upon completion of the necklace, I sent an email to describe the crafting process thinking it might be fun to read from one maker to another. They were surprised. I was...

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Creative Musings Inspired by Marie Kondo

I borrowed Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo from the library. In this time of transition and change, would I like a more orderly, tidy home? Of course. More joy? Certainly.  I read the book and appreciated its guidance. To me, reading about organizing my things was soothing. (Looking at the uncontained stuff around me was not so soothing!) In the Afterword, I discovered an idea that was more fascinating than a tidy home. Here, Marie shares an interesting perspective on how spirits dwell in material things. She believes there...

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Supporting a Non-Profit Organization with my Small Business

Which non-profit Indyspire chose to support and why...

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